Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Through your research experiences at UB, you’ll discover more than just facts and figures—you will discover yourself and your future career. UB offers many programs and opportunities to engage students in exciting research collaborations outside the classroom.

Civil Engineering Professor James Jensen with students from Research Exploration Academy in Jarvis Hall Lab.

Civil Engineering Professor James Jensen with students from UB's Research Exploration Academy in our Jarvis Hall Lab.

Explore your interests

UB has become a national leader in student research through its Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA). A member of the national Council on Undergraduate Research, CURCA connects students with a growing number of research and creative opportunities in academic departments across the campuses.

CURCA’s website includes a comprehensive list of hundreds of active UB research projects in many fields of study, from African-American studies to urban planning.

Immerse yourself in research

UB undergraduates are encouraged to join a variety of scholarly communities designed to help you mine UB’s rich research and creative opportunities. With the help of faculty advisers and instructors, you can explore your academic interests across a wide range of disciplines or narrow the focus and launch into specific projects. You get to choose how you wish to live, work and socialize with like-minded classmates.

Share your findings

At UB, we take pride in our undergraduates’ scholarly accomplishments. The annual Celebration of Academic Excellence is one of the ways we recognize outstanding student achievement and help you communicate your research results on and off campus.

CURCA helps fund UB students who are accepted to present their research at SUNY's undergraduate research fair in Albany, at disciplinary conferences and annual meetings, and at annual conferences hosted by the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research and Council on Undergraduate Research.

Apply for research awards

UB can help fund your research project and assist you in getting the experiences and skills you’ll need to compete for national and international research awards and scholarships.

Students SUNY's research fair

Undergraduate Research Showcase

Four UB undergraduates were selected to highlight their work at SUNY’s undergraduate research fair in Albany.

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