Learning with a Global Perspective

Through globally focused academic programs and a multicultural learning environment, UB seeks to prepare students for life and work in an interconnected, global society. Coursework at home and opportunities to study overseas enable students to acquire cross-cultural skills and a contextualized understanding of world affairs.

Global Perspectives Academy

The Global Perspectives Academy is one of three academic living and learning communities that UB undergraduates can join.

Through seminars, shared housing and internationally themed events and activities, students in the Global Perspectives Academy develop an awareness of what it means to be a global citizen in a globalized world.

The academy facilitates encounters with people from different cultures around the world and supports the pursuit of learning experiences outside the United States.

Area Studies and Language Programs

Area studies and language programs enable UB students to immerse themselves in the study of foreign languages and cultures.

These programs leverage the expertise of faculty members in the humanities, social sciences and professional programs to provide students with an education that is both comprehensive and in-depth.

Study Abroad

UB offers study abroad opportunities in 30 countries for undergraduate, graduate and professional students. A summer architecture program takes place in the parks, cafés and museums of Barcelona, while a yearlong language program in Kobe, Japan, immerses participants in Japanese language and culture.

UB students can also access more than 550 other SUNY study-abroad programs. Eleven percent of our undergraduates study abroad—five times the national average.